Is your Bump eligible?

To receive the $200 deposit into a Bump Savings account, your child must:

  • Be born in 2017.
  • Have a permanent Australian residential address.
  • Have the Bump Savings account opened in their name by a parent or legal guardian, with their ID verified by 31 May 2018.

Remember, your child will be able to withdraw the $2001 when they turn 16.

Express your interest in a Bump Savings account.

If you think your bump is eligible for the account, express your interest in the account now. No doubt you’ll have plenty on your mind once the little one comes along so we’ll email you a reminder after your due date - you can opt out from these emails anytime.

Please note: An expression of interest doesn't necessarily mean your child will receive the offer, they need to meet offer criteria.

All fields need to be filled in, unless stated otherwise.